Thursday, July 30, 2015

Ray signed up for Satellite Radio to relive his musical youth Chris can't help but notice the debris on the road after a sudden rainstorm, plus we critique the video of the "Ride in the GTO." Listen to the July 30th MotorMouth Radio program.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

It's a full hour of rusty metal, Nomad extracting, cruise nights, old school sportsters, possessed Triumphs, Italian tune ups, and invading shopping carts.Check out the MotorMouth Radio 7-26-15 Show

Thursday, July 23, 2015

As Ray uses the heavy tools to take down major structures in his yard Chris is waiving at other Pathfinder drivers on the road, plus the "question of the day" and automotive morons in the news. Listen to the July 23rd MotorMouth Radio program.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

MotorMouth Radio - Icy Cool Automotove Talk For Those Crazy From The Heat!

Ray started the "50 minute" MotorMouth Radio program questioning why drivers try to hold the plywood tied down to the roofs of their cars and Chris has a suitable answer, plus we combat the 92 degree heat with most of the show devoted to crazy callers and air conditioning care. Listen to the 7-19-15 MotorMouth Radio program

Thursday, July 16, 2015

MotorMouth Radio - The Big One And The Cute One Invade The Studio!

Elliott Weiner, President of the LI Thunderbird Club and Dennis Benfante, newly appointed "Supreme Being" of The Thunderbird Owners of NY are in the studio to discuss everything other than their upcoming car show. Check out the Thursday July 16th 2015 show.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

MotorMouth Radio - 7-12-15 - You Can Acquire A Free Copy Of Tony Candela's New Electrical Wiring Book!

“Obi Don Cannoli” Joe D from Standard Motor Products was a special guest in the studio this Sunday  The show opened with Chris making the grand announcement that after three years up on jack stands the TR6 is actually in running condition.

The Bronc was the first on the phone touting his R12 freon conversion to 134 cost him a mere pocket change.  After the first break we brought up Tony Candela from CE Auto Electrical Supply talking about his new book “Automotive Wiring & Electrical Systems – Volume 2 – Projects.”

A highlight of the interview took place when Tony offered free copies of his new book if you emailed us at and let us know where you heard the interview. Hurry while supplies last.
Joe D finishes up the hour with Ray discussing what electrical issues he’s been dealing with this past week as well as priorities of electrical issues to take care of first. Listen to the show at - MotorMouth Radio's Sunday 7-12-15 Podcast

Thursday, July 9, 2015

MotorMouth Radio - 07-09-15 - It Takes A While For The Corrosion To Set In . . .

It Takes A While
For The Corrosion To Set In . . .

Ray kicks off the Thursday festivities with a quick and dirty diagnosis of his own vehicle that involved a loose connection, with some good advice to go along with it. Chris questions what loosened up under the hood and shares a brake repair story that supports the theory that "goofy stuff" happens to cars unexpectedly. 

Ray reports an important Ford recall just before Artie Schilling from Artie's Party Pinstriper's Charity Auction called to discuss the upcoming Syracuse Nationals happening next weekend.

The second half of the show has Ray discussing various hand gestures between motorcycle riders which takes over most of the second half of the show.  Caller Rob N. jumps in to give his opinion on hand gestures which let into some assorted marine experience. We finish up with Ray teasing this Sunday's show with automotive electrical expert Tony Candela. Check out the Thursday MotorMouth Radio - 7-9-15 Podcast 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MotorMouth Radio - 07-05-15 - Take It To Any Gas Station, They'll Bend You Up Something!

MotorMouth Radio - Take It To Any Gas Station, They'll Bend You Up Something! 
The Sunday edition of MotorMouth Radio brought "Pirate Paul" back into the studio to give us some insight on his two year dune buggy build.  Co-Host Ray had an interesting exchange with a local shop owner which he explains throughout the show and Chris - as usual - is adding the insightful remarks and snarky comments. Check out the MotorMouth Radio 07-05-15 podcast.